Anne-Sophie Mutter

An Interim Assessment (WT)

  • photo by Monika Höfler

From child prodigy to internationally revered diva - Anne-Sophie Mutter has performed for almost fifty years on the world's greatest concert stages - celebrated, admired, but also occasionally criticized as "too perfect".  In 2021 she intended to take a year off.  But then came Corona.  Time for an interim assessment of her professional and private life.  How does she continue to find new goals and projects?  What price has she had and does she continue to pay?  With an unusual approach we portray Anne-Sophie Mutter as no one has seen her before.

In private, Anne-Sophie Mutter is a cheerful, quick-witted, political and historically interested woman with a great sense of humor.  Because she sets strict rules (control!) as to what may be filmed and what not (Not her family!  Not her home!), we were searching for an uncommon way of portraying the woman behind the violin.  So we asked her to meet people who interest her and who are important to her in order to find out more about her this way.  For this film she would like to meet: tennis idol Roger Federer, the film composer John Williams, maestro Daniel Barenboim, composer Joerg Widmann and magician Steve Cohen.

And Anne-Sophie Mutter challenges us - the mountain enthusiast invites us to accompany her on a mountain hike.

Through all these aspects we tell the story of the one of the greatest musicians of our time.  Charming archive material from her early days as a 6-year-old ("I want to always have a good violin, a remote control car and take a trip to Africa.") to today.  Moving musical moments with famed celebrities (President Obama, Angela Merkel, Kings and Queens, etc.) round out the film.  A portrait that discovers previously unknown sides of this personality. 

First broadcast

t. b. a.

Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

60 min.


Kamera: Jürgen Carle

Ton: Michael Kirn, Markus Seifried

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