Ufa - 100 Years

Inside The Machine Room Of German Films

  • Die Schauspielerin Nadja Uhl hat erfolgreich für die Ufa gedreht. Sie spricht unseren Filmtext.

Once a propaganda firm, the Ufa today is the largest film company in Germany where it plays a decisive role in the film industry.  We illuminate the whole 100 years of Ufa history. What happened to the Ufa after 1945? Why wasn't it dissolved as the allies demanded?  Where is the continuity, where are the breaks in the company?  Where is the firm today and what are its plans for the future?

The Ufa is younger than Persil and somewhat older than VW.  And like these two brands, the Ufa Tanker has survived all the flag changes throughout German history until today.  What interests and which ideologies have played a role, who were the movers and shakers, which traditions were nurtured?  Is there something like the DNA of this giant media company?

Produced by

SWR in coproduction with ARTE

A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

58 / 45 min.


cinematographer: Christoph Schmitz

sound: Markus Seifried

editing: Petra Hölge

narration: Nadja Uhl

composer: Günter A. Buchwald

artwork: Edith Schwörer

producer: Jochen Dickbertel

commissioning editor: Simone Reuter (SWR), Dagmar Mielke (RBB)

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