Are We Too Noisy?

  • Thomas Jühe, mayor of the probable most noisy town in Germany... (Photo: Andreas Bein, SWR)

1 out of 5 Germans cannot sleep with an open window. 2 out of 3 Germans complain about noise. 13 million Germans live with a noise level, which makes them ill. Their risk of heart attack is 30% higher, says the Umweltbundesamt, the German Environmental Protection Agency. But noise is a very subjective thing, psychologists say. Although noise has not increased over the last few years, sensitivity to din and sounds has. How do people live who are surrounded by noise? What do we mean by noise anyway? What can you do against it and the daily cacaphony of
sounds, under which more and more people are suffering? For three weeks a film crew from SWR-TV travelled around Germany, searching for the loudest city and the quietest location, listening to noise, tones and sounds.

Filming locations: Raunheim and Flörsheim near Frankfurt, Berlin, Augsburg, Freiburg, Bochum, Zwönitz in East Germany.

You can order a copy of the film, if you click here: www.swr.de/unternehmen/mitschnittdienst. Please include the German title!

Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

45 min.


  • Cinematographer: Andreas Bein
  • Sound: Hans Lienert
  • Editor: Renate Nebe
  • Commissioning editor: Felicitas Wehnert
  • Chief editor: Kai Henkel

„We produce documentary films - it's real life that interests us.“
Sigrid Faltin, white pepper films


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