Pictures of a Landscape

Our Countryside Between Nature and Cultivation

A landscape shaped by cultivation? Yes, please, if it can be sensibly used today. The film depicts concrete examples of how we can preserve our landscapes through our consumer behavior in the region. A landscape shaped by cultivation? No, thanks, if that just means keeping it like a museum, if in the name of nature conservation an artifically romantic image of the countyside is retained.
The film hopes to stimulate a discussion on the future of landscaping – why don’t we let nature take its course, where farmers no longer farm and there is little diversity of species?

Supported by the Foundation for Nature Conservation, Baden-Württemberg

Press reviews:

Watching this film is fun.

A broad field, a good film.

Produced by

SWF / Green Pepper

A film by

Sigrid Faltin and Peter Ohlendorf



Running time

30 min.


  • Camera: Holger Schüppel, Andreas Sanders, Rüdiger Kortz
  • Sound: Herbert Hanisch, Alfons Früh
  • Editor: Yorick Niess

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