Natural Beauty

A Look at Organic Cosmetics

  • Mona, the look of our film - natural AND beautiful

Julia Roberts does it, Madonna does it, “naturally” Brad Pitt does it, too. They beautify themselves with organic cosmetics made in Germany. Cremes and lotions from “Dr. Hauschka”, the line of cosmetics produced by the anthroposophic company Wala in Swabia, have attained cult status in America. In Germany, using typically modest Swabian understatement, the company refers to “pleasant” two digit growth rates. In the little mediaval town of Schwaebisch Gmuend, the largest marketer of natural cosmetics, Weleda, creates beauty products using ingredients from their own organic garden. Some herb grows to cure almost any skin problem. It all started in the twenties in Achern in the Black Forest with Rosel Heim, Germany’s first cosmetic specialist, who used natural herbs and extracts to heighten German and Hollywood film stars’ good looks. Today their granddaughters continue to lead the company, although with more high tech than pure natural resources, for too much nature can be harmful, they say. So how much nature can one take to ward off wrinkles and varicose veins? What helps which type of skin? What is beauty anyway? From Hollywood to individually tailored creams, from beauty labs to kitchen sinks, we stalk the secrets of natural cosmetics.

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Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

30 min.


  • Cinematographer: Andreas Bein
  • Editor: Sabine Garscha
  • Sound: Günther Bartz
  • Special Beauty: Mona Huber
  • Commissioning Editor: Felicitas Wehnert

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