Erika Pluhar

Inspite of It All. My Life. STILL ONLINE

  • Erika Pluhar in ihrem Haus in Wien-Grinzing (Foto Christian Zecha)

  • Once a famous actress - nowadays a popular singer, songwriter and author: Erika Pluhar (photo: Ferdinand Zecha)

Actress, singer of chansons, authoress – aged with beauty. This is Erika Pluhar. She survived the deaths of her daughter and two companions. Age and departure have become the life themes of this charismatic woman. For our documentary film she appears one last time before the camera.

At 20 the Viennese theatrical actress epitomized the essence of beauty for many men. At 30 she was one of the most famous German language television stars. At 40 she decided to only sing her own texts. She became a role model for many women when she engaged in politics as her beauty matured with gray. At 60 she turned her back on theater written by others and became an author. Today she is 74 and proud of every wrinkle that life has bestowed on her, never resorting to the face lifts so common in her profession. There are two terms, she says, that characterize ageing: “Never again” and “Inspite of it all”. Insight and rebellion – that is Pluhar. A smart, intellectual, politically vocal woman. A woman with something to say.

Erika Pluhar is opening her house in Huschkagasse, Vienna, to us where she has been living for almost forty years. She lived here with André Heller, her second husband, she lived here with the actor Peter Vogel, and her daughter Anna died here.

Erika Pluhar talks with friends, prominent contemporaries, family members about her touching life. The film will be framed by a concert by Erika Pluhar with her musicians.

Produced by

white pepper film Freiburg and epo-film Wien in cooperation with HR, SWR,
funded by Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, VAM Verwertungsgesellschaft audiovisueller Medien, MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg 2014

A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

90 min. / 50 min.


  • writer and director: Sigrid Faltin
  • cinematographer: Helmut Wimmer, Christian Zecha
  • assistant to cinematographer: Ferdinand Zecha
  • sound engineer: Bruno Pisek, Dieter Draxler
  • editor: Charlotte Müllner
  • production manager: Florian Brandt
  • producers: Sigrid Faltin, Dieter Pochlatko
  • commissioning editor: Esther Schapira (hr), Eva Witte (SWR)

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