Death in the Flower Fields

Or How Difficult It Is to Change Misery in Columbia

Behind every beautiful blossom death is lurking. With this accusation by flower worker Mariella, the 1989 Columbian documentary film "Amor, mujeres y flores” (Love, Women and Flowers) shocked the public. Before that, who ever suspected the massive use of pesticides and fertilizers on Columbia’s cut flowers? Or illnesses or the exploitation of tens of thousands of women like in the early days of capitalism? After Holland, Columbia is the world’s second largest producer of flowers. Some are sent to Germany, from where some of the pesticides originate. Three years after this unsettling film, Teleglobus examines what, if anything, has changed in Columbia after international protests. The film also shows what we consumers in Europe can do. Boycott foreign flowers and only buy local ones? But that won’t help the flower workers. So what to do? Finding answers quickly is critical, for in the meantime flower worker Mariella has died of leukemia.

Press review:

Mannheimer Morgen:
This report is exceptional in several ways. The film directors report not only on the results of pesticide use in Columbia, but they have also managed to link them to consumers in Germany.
An excellent contemporary and circumspective film.

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Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin and Peter Ohlendorf



Running time

30 min.


  • Camera: Burkhard Kreisel, Udo Wolter, Manfred Reuter, Peter Wille
  • Sound: Stefan Hofmann, Horst Lehmann
  • Editor: Gundi Kluge

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