Death from Food

A Taboo And Its Consequences

  • Watch out: death!

Nobody likes to talk about diarrhea and vomiting. Food infections are a taboo. But this film is about you anyway – it’s about your health and about your life and death. Nor does the food industry – restaurant owners, farmers or butchers – like to talk about it. Perhaps it is because this subject is taboo that thousands of people die every year in Germany from germs and bacteria in our food. In America the number is 5000. Children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly endangered. Twenty percent of the population belong to these at risk groups. The numbers are rising. But how can a healthy salad make us sick, why are there infectious germs and bacteria in ten percent of our pork, where are the hygienic booby traps in our kitchens? „betrifft“ tells you what you should watch out for, so that you can continue to enjoy your food.

"It's not the numbers and the tables that make this well-researched film so convincing. It's more the perspective of the pathfinder, who bumps into interesting connections and correlations. And the film manages to get these across to the viewer in a comprehensible, often humorous way."
Badische Zeitung

Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

45 min.


  • Cinematographer: Andreas Schäfauer
  • Sound: Andreas Wetter
  • Editor: Renate Nebe
  • Commissioning Editors: Felicitas Wehnert, Kai Henkel

„We produce documentary films - it's real life that interests us.“
Sigrid Faltin, white pepper films


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