Freiburg Bikes

part of "Freiburg Stories"

Part of the feature-length film "Freiburg Stories". A short film on unusual bicycles and bicycle stories.  There is a literature cycle, the garbage cycle, the wooden cycle, the vegetable bike, the refugee cycle, the transport cycle, the multiple children's cycle to mention only a few...

"A wonderful miniseries on bikes" (Heidi Ossenberg, Badische Zeitung)

First broadcast

"Freiburg Stories" now at the Harmonie Cinema, Freiburg; "Freiburg Bikes" as supporting movie in January in Freiburg cinemas

Produced by

White Pepper Film in coproduktion with Behring Film & Klotz Media

A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

7 min.


cinematographer: Ingo Behring

sound: Joachim Lutz, Stephan Schneider

editing: Mark Klotz

„We produce documentary films - it's real life that interests us.“
Sigrid Faltin, white pepper films


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