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Butcher between Past and Present

  • What is the secret of this air dried fennel ham? (Photo: Christian Zecha, SWR)

Markus Dirr is the fourth generation in a butcher’s family, who has owned a store in Endingen / Black Forest since more than a hundred years. But the youngest generation practices with a special patience and talent. Markus’ products, such as air dried fennel ham or the walnut-raisin deer-salami, are famous, not only in the local region. Highly acclaimed by restaurant critics, they are for the most his own recipe creations. His raw products, in particular, have to be first class quality for Markus, a trained chef. Now he is planning his newest product line with pork from nearby organically raised pigs.

The film will also show how sausages were made a hundred years ago. Willi Hug from Hausen in the Black Forest produces his bratwurst just as it was made before the invention of electricity and artifical aromas: with a huge four-edged chopping knife on a wooden butcher's block, adding marjoram, caraway and quite a bit of salt as a preservative.

But how about the future of butchers? This we will see at Dominik Frey’s shop in Freiburg. Dominik is one of Germany’s first and biggest e-Bay butchers. „Without e-Bay we would not have survived this summer economically speaking“, he says. Two years ago he took over the shop from his father, who shakes his head when he sees what has become of his enterprise... Three stories around sausages, one from the past, one of today and one of the - possible - future.

"A wonderful film, with plenty of humor, poetic, entertaining, but also with a good portion of seriousness." (Allgemeine Fleischerzeitung - the butcher's magazine)

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Produced by


A film by

Sigrid Faltin



Running time

30 min.


  • Director of photography: Christian Zecha
  • Editor: Saskia MetteNuhn
  • Commissioning Editor: Dieter Pahlke


Nominated for the German Camera Award 2006

„We produce documentary films - it's real life that interests us.“
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