Have You Failed Yet or Are You Still Rotating?

Survival Strategies in the Service Wasteland

In a radical experiment, Sigrid Faltin has entered the world of artificial telephone dialogues and fully automated services. The truth is that in a brave new consumer world the customer is the craftsman, computer expert and financial specialist. One not only can do everything, one must do everything oneself - at the bank or supermarket, with the train, mail or the internal revenue office. Certainly on the internet. The guide to the bizarre service wasteland. An amusing, critical evaluation – this time by a client.

“The book on customer frustration: a desperate and humorous guide through Germany’s service wasteland.” (Der Spiegel)

“Faltin doesn’t miss a shot. Excellent!” (Hamburg Evening News)

“A stimulus to take up the battle against the service wasteland.” (Radio Munot)

“Clever and amusing” (Chilli, Freiburg)

In August 2009 among the 20 best selling titles in Germany!


Herder Publishing Company, Freiburg


Sigrid Faltin


176 pages



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