„We produce documentary films - it's real life that interests us.“
Sigrid Faltin, white pepper films


„If we a touched by a documentary film, we are not only informed, we are changed.“
Prof. Dr. Heiner Behring, Badische Zeitung


„Film director Sigrid Faltin has her own distinctive perspective.“
Herbert Spaich, SWR2

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Sigrid Faltin

Dr. Sigrid Faltin

studied English, German, and history in Bonn and Freiburg. Her Ph.D. thesis was on “Emigration from the Palatines to the United States“ in modern history. After training as a journalist, she worked as a regional correspondent with the German South-West TV station SWF, and as an anchorwoman for radio and TV. Today she is a book author, a writer, director, and producer for television and an independent documentary filmmaker. Her films are shown on film festivals and on TV worldwide. Sigrid Faltin is a member of the European Documentary Network. She is at home in Freiburg, Germany.

„In all of these films there is no intellectual speculation, but a spirit of cosmopolitanism.“
Nikolaus von Festenberg, Der Spiegel


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